Death bed eyes

Man, I used to have people draw on me every single day! I really dig that shit! Any art work that goes onto my body is really great to me! You can doodle on my arms or my legs if you want! 

And yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just want everyone to be equal and to not be judged for anything unless they purposelessly treat someone badly, you know? like i don’t care what your difference is, unless you’re a genuine bad person who treats other people or animals poorly, then you dont deserve to be judged. You know? Like there ARE some genuinely bad people, but for the most part, why is there even any judgement? And I just wish that the judgement would stop. I’m getting even less coherent as this goes on but i think you understand???? 

  1. hushicho said: I think so yeah. I am really against pre-judgement. There are only a few factors that would make me reluctant to give someone a chance, but admittedly they do exist. I think it’s better to see if a person is an okay person wherever possible.
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